Weight loss tips

Rapid And Easy Tips For Losing Weight

You all know the drill which you need to perform while losing weight i.e take fewer calories and burn more calories. For that, you need to get the best diet plans and meals which help you in carrying out a rapid weight loss.

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So here are some expert tips which will help you in carrying out weight loss rapidly.

Write Down Whatever You Eat

In lot of studies, it is found that keeping a food diary can help you effectively reduce your food intake by around 15%. So noting down foods which you eat will help you in figuring out what kind of food you eat and how much calories come from a particular food item. By doing this it will give you a clear idea on what should you do to cut out your calories intake and how you should do.

Loose Weight Tips

Add 10 Percent To The Amount Of Daily Calories You Think You Are Eating

According to a study carried it was found that people majorly think that they are consuming 17,00 calories a day but still they are not able to understand that why they not able to reduce their weight. In this case, add 170 calories to you guesstimate and adjust you food habits according to it.

When it comes to weight it better to be slow and steady, as sometimes going really fast can get you on the wrong track.


A Descriptive Guide on 3 Best 80s Action Figures

Memories of every man’s childhood are mostly dominated by toys. We don’t remember as vividly as we remember the toys of the characters we owned. We never understood the possibility of antique and uniqueness when we were kids, they were just cool toys and that’s where they should have been.

An action figure needs some place as a secret HQ or dangerous caves, probably under our bed, very few imagination beat an awesome play sets. Anyhow, those heydays are not completely over, some of these cool action figures are still being produced and available at discounted rates with promo code to get 5% off on the cubify action figures . You might wanna grab them fast and give a place where they belong-Your Ultimate Collection!

Nevertheless, let’s get started with the best 3 among all!

Star Wars

These are the toys; the granddaddy of toy merchandising that started it all. Star war toys were the most awesome thing that a 5 year old boy can dream of. At that time, they did not just made only main characters, but you could get the entire cast.

And, we haven’t even talked about the vehicles yet. They were just awesome to scale with the action figures. It also meant some of them were huge, which in a child’s mind-Better.

Finally, we had them almost all bases differing in scale and grandeur from a cardboard cantina to the beautiful Ewok village. Basically, you could accurately recreate job interview scene in the trilogy.


In the early 80s, GI joes were probably the first example of toy evolution. During that period, action force arrived and offered us historically accurate army figures from past conflicts. All these GI JOE action figures were the same format as star wars, but this in turn evolved in various groups of specialized soldiers against the red shadows.

As with star wars, GI JOE also came with a line of amazing vehicles. Most of them were military vehicles which made them even more cooler. However, they somehow outdid themselves. GI JOE went on for some years before fading into oblivion.


Before Michael Bay took us into one long protracted yawn of four films, we had a most awesome line of action figures-The Transformers. We all know the premise, forces of good autobots and evil decepticons came to earth to mingle among us by transforming themselves into different modes of transport.

At beginning, the Autobots came as road-borne vehicles like cars and vans and a greatest truck. Where, decepticons were planes and handheld things like guns or a walkman.

Anyhow, as years went by, both sides gained quite random transformations-Dinobots and Insecticons. Grimlock was everybody’s favorite as it was a T-Rex and T-Rexes were awesome!

The toys came in two basic sizes. Bumblebee was small enough in robot form to pass as Optimus prime’s 6 month old car baby. And, the tape-based decepticons were fit in soundwave which made them relatively tiny and brittle.


In many ways, the toys we had, shaped the person we are today. They are being locked in our mind from hours of play and will play a subconsciously part in day to day and form the building blocks of our future morality.

private jets

A Complete Guide To Private Jet Empty Legs

Often, an aircraft flies empty after locating a client or to re-position itself for the next client or to return to it’s home base. This is similar to how the Taxi would return to it’s home location after dropping off it’s customers to their destinations. As it is an empty returning flight for a booked one-way private jet, it is called “Empty Leg”.

Repositioning Flights Hardly Got Sold To Other Client

Aircraft operators may not be able to get the full price customer who would hire a particular type of aircraft for that specific time and route when a jet is repositioning. However, an aircraft needs to return back so the operators offer discounts and offers in order to avoid flying back the jet empty.

The Cost For An Empty Leg

Empty Flights are usually available at 60% to 75% discount on the general charter price. Although the exact price depends on the route and the charter company, operators are often prepared to give huge discounts and delightful offers to fill their vacant seats.

If you’re flexible with time and routes you can access private flights that almost chase the price of the commercial flights. You can also combine an empty leg with your airline flight if it goes with your schedule to get a very cost-effective trip. The smart way to get the cheaper flights is to check out the latest available options with various operators.

Where Can You Find Empty Legs?

Icarusjet has a network of over 7000 private charter aircrafts worldwide. We are constantly improving the way the private jet market communicates it’s empty legs offers to the customers. We thrive to offer the most competitive prices on empty legs in the private jet industry. You can book private jet in dallas and get the latest for the private jet empty legs on www.icarusjet.com/empty-legs.

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Insanely Awesome Facts About Aviation Industry

In today’s fast moving world no one can deny the fact of aviation being vital. But people are aware a very bit low about the aviation industry. For a normal person or a layman aviation always meant as landing and taking off of flights. But aviation is way more than landing and take off. There’s a myriad range of some very interesting and jaw dropping facts about aviation industry, which will definitely move the earth beneath your feet.

So lets have a look at some of these interesting facts about the aviation industry.

  • Pilots Never Eat The Flight Meal

Yes, this is one of the major aviation rules. In this the pilots and the co-pilots both are fed with different courses of meals. The pilot is fed with the same meal with those served in the first and business class, whereas the co-pilots are served with a different entree in order to guard them against cases of food poisoning.

  • It Took Six Million Parts To Make A Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 is one of the most well know air crafts due to its huge framed body which is why this plane is referred to as the Queen of the Skies or the Jumbo Jet. But a very few people know that actually it took six million parts to make this giantess of the sky and it takes only a few switches and buttons to control this stalwart.

  • The Engine Of Boeing 747 Is As Huge As The Plane

Yes talking about Boeing 747 its just not that its huge in size, but along with that it consists of a very huge weighted engine. As we all know it that Boeing 747 is made up of six million parts and one of the parts of this plane is its engine which weighs around 9,500 pounds and costs around 8 million USD.

  • The Worlds Most Busiest Airports

With 970.000 airplane movements per year, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is one of the most busiest airports in the world. This airport has held its rank as the worlds busiest airport in 2012 based on both numbers of passengers and number of flights that take off and land.