A Descriptive Guide on 3 Best 80s Action Figures

Memories of every man’s childhood are mostly dominated by toys. We don’t remember as vividly as we remember the toys of the characters we owned. We never understood the possibility of antique and uniqueness when we were kids, they were just cool toys and that’s where they should have been.

An action figure needs some place as a secret HQ or dangerous caves, probably under our bed, very few imagination beat an awesome play sets. Anyhow, those heydays are not completely over, some of these cool action figures are still being produced and available at discounted rates with cubify promo code. You might wanna grab them fast and give a place where they belong-Your Ultimate Collection!

Nevertheless, let’s get started with the best 3 among all!

Star Wars

These are the toys; the granddaddy of toy merchandising that started it all. Star war toys were the most awesome thing that a 5 year old boy can dream of. At that time, they did not just made only main characters, but you could get the entire cast.

And, we haven’t even talked about the vehicles yet. They were just awesome to scale with the action figures. It also meant some of them were huge, which in a child’s mind-Better.

Finally, we had them almost all bases differing in scale and grandeur from a cardboard cantina to the beautiful Ewok village. Basically, you could accurately recreate job interview scene in the trilogy.


In the early 80s, GI joes were probably the first example of toy evolution. During that period, action force arrived and offered us historically accurate army figures from past conflicts. All these GI JOE action figures were the same format as star wars, but this in turn evolved in various groups of specialized soldiers against the red shadows.

As with star wars, GI JOE also came with a line of amazing vehicles. Most of them were military vehicles which made them even more cooler. However, they somehow outdid themselves. GI JOE went on for some years before fading into oblivion.


Before Michael Bay took us into one long protracted yawn of four films, we had a most awesome line of action figures-The Transformers. We all know the premise, forces of good autobots and evil decepticons came to earth to mingle among us by transforming themselves into different modes of transport.

At beginning, the Autobots came as road-borne vehicles like cars and vans and a greatest truck. Where, decepticons were planes and handheld things like guns or a walkman.

Anyhow, as years went by, both sides gained quite random transformations-Dinobots and Insecticons. Grimlock was everybody’s favorite as it was a T-Rex and T-Rexes were awesome!

The toys came in two basic sizes. Bumblebee was small enough in robot form to pass as Optimus prime’s 6 month old car baby. And, the tape-based decepticons were fit in soundwave which made them relatively tiny and brittle.


In many ways, the toys we had, shaped the person we are today. They are being locked in our mind from hours of play and will play a subconsciously part in day to day and form the building blocks of our future morality.

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